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Despite earlier reports that Bryant had shot the child in the mouth himself, most now believe that the death was as accident. Against the Impact, in a match that ended in favor of New England, Sene had his unfortunate injury strike him as he was making his way into the box.

He fell, and his legs straightened out, it was clear that his ankle was awfully twisted, calling on for the medical staff to take him off the field, while players on the pitch were holding their heads, not doing well with the gruesome sight, that should keep Sene out for the rest of what s left of this season and possibly a lot longer.

Rescue crews were called to the farm around Montvale fire chief Scott Hawkins said he was told six people were on a flatbed trailer hitched to a tractor when it rolled down a hill into a creek on the farm.

He said there was no driver. Hawkins said two people fell off the trailer and were pinned underneath it in the water, trapped by a tow bar. He said the two women trapped and one other person were taken to Roanoke Memorial Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

He said there were no charges pending. Witnesses at the scene said that after the incident happened, Layman Farms immediately closed and refunds were given to those who had not gone through the farm.

Laura Garcia of Laker Weekly contributed to this report. Ratliff was a guy who was impossible not to root for. You can heckle Jerry Jones for the contract and many people will, but thats not what this is about.

Ratliff might go on and have success else-where and I for one hope that he does. A major problem for the AFL, and the Swans, Suns and Giants who stand to lose the extra 10 per cent salary cap space they are currently entitled to is that it is being sold as a cost of living allowance.

The Gold Coast is an affordable slice of paradise while Perth these days is every bit as expensive as Sydney. A retention allowance is what the Lions desperately need.

The Gabba has become the last-chance saloon for players trying to revitalise their careers. But there are other mechanism worth exploring that might help them keep players.

There needs to be a fresh look at it, it is a significant issue for us, he said. There are other options we can explore. It is really tough for us.

The homeowners discovered the burglary when they came home at about 6 a. They then discovered that their 19 year old son was missing from the home.

Police said the son was later located and was injured. He was taken to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle. We need to go get that game up there.

The importance of the clash with the Eagles isn t lost on quarterback Tony Romo, who said he took a peek at Philadelphia even before the Cowboys played the Redskins.

Yeah the division games are big, and we ll have a big one with Philadelphia next week, quarterback Tony Romo said. They re playing tough football.

I was watching a little bit of their tape this last week because it s a different opponent as far as seeing them on television, just seeing what they re doing.

It s going to be interesting to see all of the stuff they re doing with the new system. So it ll be a good test for us and we ll be ready.

All names have been changed to protect their privacy. I was on Reddit today and I noticed one girl asking the following question: I am sure I want an abortion.

I have no money and my boyfriend barely has a job. I do not want anyone to pass judgement against me because I have already judged myself enough.

The problem is that I have no money, not even enough to pay for an abortion. I have an appointment with Planned Parenthood tomorrow.

To which I replied: If you feel guilty now, how will you feel after? I recommended that she consider adoption. My question for you is this: It is easy to argue about abortion when it is theoretical.

But this girl is planning on going to the clinic! There is a life hanging in the balance and the only thing I can do is try to talk her out of it.

What should I do? Before asking your question, I would have empathized with her difficult situation, and offered some resources.

I think you would find some practical ideas for things you could have said in two previous episodes of Life Report. Both episodes are about talking to pregnant and abortion-vulnerable girls.

In the latter, a post-abortive woman who wrote out some tips based on what would have been helpful to her when she was pregnant with her first child.

I probably would have sent this message as a PM private message instead of as a public post. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Thanks so much for being willing to put yourself out there and do your best to save a baby. But I think you did the right thing by trying.

He pulled away from his pit stall with his jack planted underneath his car. The jack clattered and clanged as Keselowski dragged it around the track for what should have been one race-ruining lap around Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Instead, Keselowski finally caught a break. Kasey Kahne at Phoenix in was the last non-Chase winner. Before the yellow, it seemed certain Johnson would win and pass Matt Kenseth for the Sprint Cup Series points lead at the halfway point of the Chase, while Kenseth would likely catch teammate Kyle Busch in the closing laps of the race to finish third.

Keselowski was an afterthought. They were the first two back onto the track, while Johnson led everybody else off as the first driver with four fresh tires.

Only Johnson lost four spots on the restart with 23 laps remaining, while Keselowski picked his way through traffic from sixth to second. Once he set his sights on leader Kahne, he stalked him around the track until he could make a pass for the lead stick with nine laps remaining.

It was him digging deep and bringing us to Victory Lane. Johnson, who wound up fourth, never saw the debris that cost him the victory.

No, on this night the win went to Keselowski, and Penske never doubted the champ would get it done this season. It was a matter of executing," Penske said.

I wanted to see Brad get a win. This is a very competitive sport, every aspect of it. Xerox, which hosts some of the infrastructure used by the EBT card system, told KSLA that a power outage during a routine maintenance test caused the temporary glitch.

I know your pain. The Bowdoin College alum is in his 11th season as the head trainer and medical director for the Detroit Tigers.

Along with stints in the bigs with the Montreal Expos and Florida Marlins, Rand spent all 12 seasons of his minor league career in the New York Yankees organization.

Oct 19, So that puts defensive players in a damned if you do, damned if you don t scenario. Either you lay up on a QB as he s running towards the sideline, and risk the possibility that he turns it upfield on you as you are pulling up.

Or you go for the hit right at the sideline to eliminate the possibility of him turning up the field on you, while you get a 15 yrd flag thrown on you.

But if he clearly has like 2 feet out of bounds and gets hit, then that should be a penalty. The Kentucky Republican faced unruly caucus members such as Sen.

Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and Sen. And now McConnell, who already had a competitive re-election bid on his hands, has seen his political predicament in Kentucky grow even more perilous.

Mitch McConnell has the support of the entire Washington establishment, and he will do anything to hold onto power, said Matt Hoskins, executive director of the Senate Conservatives Fund.

But if people in Kentucky and all across the country rise up and demand something better, we re confident Matt Bevin can win this race. Allison Moore, a spokeswoman for McConnell, shot back: Matt Bevin now has the dubious honor of standing with a self-serving DC fundraising group that made its name by recruiting and promoting unelectable candidates that ensured Barack Obama a majority in the Senate.

They clearly care less about Kentuckians than they do about their reputation for supporting laughably bad candidates. But even as McConnell and his team look ahead to the big political fight to come, he s spent the two days since the shutdown ended looking back at the wrangling on Capitol Hill.

Here are four comments that offer a peek inside the senator s head: They knew I had a weak hand, given the time we had squandered on this quixotic venture that had no chance of success, but they asked me to find a way out and I did.

Most of them voted for it, too, which I appreciated. This quote is from a lengthy interview with the National Review s Robert Costa. McConnell is saying that the latest push to defund and dismantle the Affordable Care Act was likely too ambitious for its own good.

The Kentucky Republican is casting himself as the adult in the room who helped Republicans in his own legislative body veer back onto a more sensible path.

I ve demonstrated, once again, that when the Congress is in gridlock and the country is at risk, I m the guy who steps forward and tries to get us out of the ditch.

So it s been a bad 24 hours for her, and she s going to need to find a new rationale. McConnell is using the opportunity to say that he is fully capable of working across party lines for the greater good.

The Army Corps requested it, both House and Senate passed an authorization for it, and every senator every single one had a chance to review it and ask for it to be taken out.

McConnell fiercely defended the decision to include in the final bill an earmark, which would help save the jobs of hundreds of people working on the Olmsted Locks and Dam project, portions of which are in Kentucky.

Il va toucher plus que Messi!!! Le tirage au sort des barrages du Mondial Comme africa Top Sports. Barrages Afrique CM Jeux de la Francophonie football: Le Congo et le Maroc en finale!

The 95 pound camera has a degree view and the tactical flight officer can set the target with a control and watch on a screen.

The infrared camera detects heat and uses the information to create a black and white picture. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was arrested soon after and Riley says it speaks to the quick action of many.

I think it was a collective work by everyone involved. I certainly do think it could have gone a different way. Chilli and T-Boz were closely involved from start to finish in developing the script, casting and preparing the actors, Chilli said.

She did a lot of research. Luckily, the Colts completely abandoned the running game in the 4th quarter, and the defense was able to hold onto the lead.

Individually, Derek Cox led the way with three stops including the game-ending interception and five other defenders were tied with two.

The reason we are particularly concerned is that we went into last Thursday with not too much fire. Firefighters were able to extinguish a small fire in that area without damage to property.

Police said the girls were questioned and then released. No charges were filed, but an investigation was continuing. Around 1, firefighters have been back burning to contain blazes since winds and temperatures became milder on Friday.

There is always a question about how an amateur s record will translate to the professional ranks, even one as good as two time Olympic gold medalist Lomachenko.

Referee Russell Mora began the count, but stopped the fight at 2: Thirty percent of the punches Lomachenko landed were body shots.

This isn t about survival. I wanted to make sure the club -- and that s why I was pretty strong on the vision statement -- that everyone from bottom up is aware of what our targets are going forward and how we re going to get there.

He hopes the vision statement will be presented to the board on Thursday and then that meeting would be rolled into a secondary meeting where the statement is discussed in-depth with senior staff, including the coach.

He knows there is unease between Watters and Pelchen. He also knows other staff find the relationship between Watters and Pelchen is unsettling. How significant is the issue?

But I honestly think there has been too much made of it. We ve had some tension in the place, you don t mind some tension because it s an indication of active successful people, but there just can t be too much.

How do you fix it? Like most things in life when you have a problem it s called communication. I found the whole thing around Scott s extension the wrong way round, it s been seen as an uncertainty his future , but it s got nothing to do with it, he said.

How could you put that to them until they see the whole structure you re trying to achieve at the club over that period?

I can t see how you can do it Because you d be buying into it for your own reasons and not club reasons. This season, the Saints finished 16th with a win-loss record.

Summers said it was one of those years you had to go through to get a better consensus on where you re heading.

As a club, we are very anxious and anxious people tend to act in a negative way, anxious people want to hide, get scared, they go to ground, and what I m trying to do through this vision statement is to empower and encourage people to lift themselves out of that, Summers said.

The worst thing in life is not to have a go. It s not all doom and gloom, he said. Nine debutants this year was a major plus, for example, and while not wanting to discuss the contents of the vision statement, he was confident in its depth.

The left Raymond James Stadium with a victory that left the Bucs on the season. For the second straight game, Mike Glennon played a poor second half after a brilliant first.

He had led the Bucs to a half time lead, thanks in large part to two touchdown passes to Vincent Jackson. But the second half began with Glennon throwing an interception to Bradley Fletcher which set up a Riley Cooper touchdown that gave the Eagles a lead they would not relinquish.

The high-octane Eagles offense had their way with the usually tough Bucs defense as they put up yards of offense.

The Bucs offensive line was a disappointment as they consistently let the Eagles disrupt the backfield. The o-line also dealt with injuries and were called for numerous holding penalties which neglected some big plays.

Lavonte David had nine tackles and a sack for the Bucs but was injured late in the game. The usually dominant d-line was non-existent, as the Bucs failed to generate much of a pass rush all game long.

The Bucs got some big time production from the tight end position however as Tim Wright caught seven passes for 91 yards, while Jackson ended his day with yards on nine receptions.

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Thank you, and we hope you enjoy interacting with us and the community. One of my favorite investments is the exchange traded fund ETF. I have been using ETFs as an investment since , though I still find many managers who do not believe in the tactical use of these investment vehicles.

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I continue to believe we are in a secular bull market and not concerned with the higher volatility of the S P ETF. I decided to use the DFE for several reasons.

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The investments discussed are held in client accounts as of September 30, Past performance is no guarantee of future results. The post appeared first on Covestor Ltd.

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Additional important disclosures available at http: The project boasts featured versus from Tadoe and many more. Employees last saw the man alive at 5 p.

Joining them from the far left are a group of parents and education advocates who are opposed to standardized testing in schools. They believe big business and powerful nonprofits such as he Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are driving education reform through large grants, and they want to stop those efforts.

Though early discussion about the standards had been largely left to education policymakers and teachers, today the words "Common Core" are increasingly prominent on the airwaves and on social media.

Discussions on conservative talk radio shows explore not just Obamacare but the educational standards dubbed Obamacore by those fighting it.

Meanwhile, two education books coming from different sides of the debate have hit The New York Times best-seller list.

At several public meetings held by education leaders across the state, conservatives have turned up to voice concerns.

Teachers and school administrators generally support the new standards a list of skills that every child should know in reading and math from kindergarten to 12th grade.

And they accuse the opposition of spreading false information that has been hard to combat. He believes that the Common Core standards are dumbing down education and that educators are aiming to prepare his children for a community college rather than a four-year college.

Versions of that argument are being echoed by others around the region. Instead, she said, they will spend time working in groups and learning to analyze "their own thought processes.

They are being robbed of an academic rich education. Some opponents believe the state is amassing large amounts of personal data on children in public schools and are fearful of how it may be used.

In fact, the state began a longitudinal database some years ago to collect data on students, but it is limited to certain subjects and is detailed under Maryland statute.

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Celebs love rain boots, too: Victim of a slam dunking lifestyle father who hit it and quit it without even looking back and is now forced to play the role of grieving dad to a boy he never knew.

The truth is though, how many athletes are out there just being wild and having unprotected sex as they travel through cities with no regard for the consequences.

This little boy is also victim to an insecure coward who, unable to face the frustrations of the real world like a man, decided to take it out on a little boy.

He rather beat a child to death than fight his battles like a man in the world. All the adults in your life failed you but that is over now, Rest in Peace sweetheart.

There is still plenty of time to join a. He recorded four goals and one assist in his first five games with Anaheim.

Perreault suffered a lower-body injury this past Thursday, but he might be fine to play when the Ducks host Ottawa on Sunday.

Look for Silfverberg to post about points and rack up around shots this campaign. Gallagher produced three goals, two assists and a plus-3 rating in four games.

The 5-foot-9, pound forward goes hard to the net, which has made him the recipient of plenty of prime scoring chances in the early going.

He tallied four goals and two assists in five games for the Flames. He has appeared in 10 NHL games in his career and has found the back of the net nine times, which includes three markers in three matches this year.

Playing alongside a superb playmaker like and seeing some shifts with and have helped him out, as well. He is averaging a team-leading Faulk missed some time last season because of a sprained MCL, which may have contributed to fantasy owners forgetting about him on draft day.

Grab him if you are looking for more production from your defensemen. Faulk has four assists and 10 shots in five games. Faulk should be able to approach 40 points this year.

He has accounted for two goals and five assists during his eye-opening point streak. Hudler produced 23 goals and 57 points in 82 games with the Red Wings during the campaign and that might be close to what he ends up with at the end of this year.

He has won both games while stopping 47 of 50 shots for a. If nothing else, he might be worth stashing away on your bench as a depth option, especially if goaltenders are a rare commodity in your league.

Loudon could not name the school involved or the grade of the child or her sibling. The girl was found submerged in a bathtub and the cause of her death is pending.

Counselors also will be available on Friday for children and adults at the school. Religion also played a key role for a Long Beach couple, Paul and Jean Donahue, who marked their 70th year of marriage on Sept.

Both couples have somewhat similar histories with early romances that were interrupted by World War II, and both having three children and both avoiding any major conflicts.

Douglas and Phyllis Didriksen attended Long Beach schools together, married in their late teens, raised three children, had no serious financial challenges, no political differences.

We ve been very compatible, very compatible, reflected Douglas Didriksen. He quickly quipped, She might think I play too much golf.

Douglas plays the greens religiously, but the pair credits their faith in Christ for their strong ties. It s the one thing that holds a marriage together, he said.

They have been members of Seacoast Grace Church in Cypress since its beginning. In their youth, the childhood sweethearts went through school together in Long Beach.

While at Wilson, the teens became engaged on a date. They married in nearby Spokane, Wash. The pair had three children Pamela Didriksen Goddard, born in ; Darrell Didriksen, born in ; and Timothy Didriksen, born in Over the decades, the Didriksens moved to Seal Beach s College Park East section, and the family tree has blossomed with four grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

The entire family celebrated the 70th anniversary earlier this year on a cruise. It was a very special event that has left lasting memories, recalled Darrell Didriksen.

The pair had their first child, Terry, in , followed by twins, Karen and Janel, in The clan also has two grandchildren. The Donahues credit a good sense of humor and their faith in sustaining the marriage over seven decades.

We still maintain the same outlook, Jean said. But their hobbies golf for Paul, orchids for Jean help to keep emotions mellow, they said, adding they also enjoy trips to the South Pacific.

We fell in love with the Pacific, Jean added. And clearly, each other. Contact Joe Segura at Post-concussion symptoms from previous football and baseball head injuries forced me to retire by age You can see the full schedule at the page of the www.

Vasyl Lomachenko more than justified the unprecedented hype by stopping tough Mexican Jose Ramirez in the fourth round of his eagerly-anticipated professional debut on Saturday night.

After winning his second Olympic gold medal in London last year, the featherweight is now expected to fight for a world title in just his second paid fight.

More recently, Cuban Guillermo Rigondeaux won the interim bantamweight title in his seventh contest before going on to unify the division.

Lomachenko picked up the WBO International strap for his efforts, earning him the ranking to enable him to fight for the world title against three-time champion Orlando Salido in New York in January.

Starting next school year, students must be at least 5 on July 31 to enter kindergarten the same year.

Previously, children could enter kindergarten if they turned 5 by Dec. Storms typically lose much of their force when they hit land, where there is less heat-trapping moisture feeding energy into the storm.

In Behrampur, about 10 kilometers 7 miles inland from where the eye of the cyclone struck, there were no reports of deaths early Sunday morning.

But the storm had wrought havoc on the small town, with the wind shattering windows, blowing down trees and electrical poles and terrifying residents.

Officials in both Orissa and Andhra Pradesh state had been stockpiling emergency food supplies and setting up shelters.

Electric utility authorities in Orissa had switched off the power in 12 districts in the path of the cyclone after scores of electric pylons had toppled from the torrential rain and high winds.

In Behrampur, the sky blackened quickly around the time of landfall, with heavy winds and rains pelting the empty streets.

Window panes shook and shattered in the wind. Outside, wind-blown objects could be heard smashing into walls. By Saturday evening, more than , people had been moved to higher ground or shelters in Orissa, and , more in neighboring Andhra Pradesh, officials said.

Rathore, the head of the Indian Meteorological Department, predicted a storm surge of Meteorologist Ryan Maue of the private U.

The height of the surge, though, remained unclear Sunday morning. A storm surge is the big killer in such storms, though heavy rains are likely to compound the destruction.

The Indian government said some 12 million people would be affected by the storm, though that figure included millions living far from the coast.

The cyclone similar in strength to Phailin but covering a smaller area threw out a 5. Both are currently fundraising for planned mayoral bids.

He also highlighted two contrary opinions issued by the Nevada Attorney General s Office and the Legislative Counsel Bureau, the former arguing term limits don t affect council members from running for mayor and the latter arguing the opposite.

It is undisputed that the legislative intent and purpose of the term limit amendment to the Constitution was not to allow the same individual to serve as a member of the City Council for twelve years in each of the six City Council wards and an additional 12 years a City Council member as Mayor, the petition said.

Such absurd application would result in a total of 84 years a member of the Reno City Council. Lorton wants to be the mayor, he should earn the trust, the respect and the votes of the people of the city of Reno.

Read the entire petition here: Often serious, sometimes irreverent and always interesting, The Daily Ticker gives viewers a unique take on the business world s most crucial stories.

The RailHawks wound up on the wrong side of a result at the hands of the Cosmos. The RailHawks had trouble finding their offensive touch in a match that saw the return of RailHawks leading scorer, Brian Shriver.

For more information on Soktoberfest and the October 26th match call the St. But Zusi scored 1: Mexico and New Zealand will play next month.

Mexico last missed the World Cup in The Ticos had qualified for Brazil and ended up second to the United States in the round. The Three Lions qualified for their 14th World Cup.

Spain won Group I with a victory over visiting Georgia on goals by Alvaro Negredo in the 26th minute and Juan Mata in the 61st. France was second and will be in the playoffs despite defeating visiting Finland It was a tough day for the home side as all three Nova Scotia squads lost at the Canadian senior soccer championships in Halifax on Saturday.

Halifax City had advanced to the playoff round by posting a mark in preliminary action, while Dunbrack advanced on goal differential after going The two Nova Scotia squads will meet in a placement tilt Sunday at 3 p.

Gloucester 1, Halifax City 0: Winnipeg 2, Halifax Dunbrack 0: Surrey United 2, Royal-Select Beauport 1: Justin Carvery and Sean Einnarsson scored for the B.

Alumni 3, Edmonton Scottish 1: Yellowknife 2, Fredericton 1: Lawrence 0, Sherwood-Parkdale 0: The Newfoundland and P.

Scarborough 3, Dunbrack 0: Victoria 6, Royals FC 0: Surrey United 3, North Stars 1: Nicole Stewart, with two, and Tina Southerby with one accounted for the B.

Carrie Nash answered for the Manitoba side. Holy Cross 2, Yellowknife 0: Malorie Harris notched both goals as the Newfoundland champs blanked the Northwest Territories entry.

Alexandra Doane had the Nova Scotia goal as the two clubs battled to a draw in regulation action. The under boys hit the win column in a big way, thrashing the Yukon Strikers Ali Fahie had both Nova Scotia markers.

The under boys, , were idle on Saturday. The under boys battled to a stalemate with St. Lucas Hill scored in the 84th minute to earn Nova Scotia the draw.

Violence only begets more violence. Why y all talking to him? He ain t play a [expletive] down! But McCoy knew exactly why Vick was drawing attention.

For the first time all season, when the offense took the field for its opening drive, Vick wasn t out there. Chip Kelly that he would evaluate everything moving forward.

He did everything that he was supposed to do to put this team in position to win that game, Vick said of Foles. Asked if he was concerned about losing his starting job, he said: It s the game of football.

Nick s a great player. He s a great football player. He does exactly what he needs to do when he goes out on the field.

That s not something I m gonna worry about. I m gonna worry about getting healthy. Has Kelly reassured him that he ll be the starter once he is healthy?

We haven t talked about that, Vick said. There s no need to talk about it. As players, we do what we re asked to do.

Vick tested out the hamstring before the game, but already knew that Foles was going to start today s game. He said it still felt a little tight and a little sore.

The team believes in him, the guys believe in him, the coaching staff believes in him. You don t have to rush it. You don t have to try to stress it out and make it even worse, so it s a good opportunity for me, it s a good space to be in.

You just gotta be cautious with an injury like this. If you go out there and stress it out, then you hurt yourself for the next two weeks and the next three weeks, so I just gotta make sure I m a hundred percent when I m out there.

The Eagles next game is Sunday afternoon at the Linc against the Cowboys. Asked if he expects to be healthy enough to play in that game, Vick said: I can t say right now.

Seven of more than 70 vendors were snared by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission. As the standoff over the government shutdown and raising the debt ceiling wore on, a spate of showing approval ratings for Republicans began to make clear that Americans disparately blamed the GOP for the political deadlock.

The S P jumped 4. As the looming debt limit neared, investors actually became less concerned over a sovereign default and more certain that the politicians would strike a deal to stave off a financial upheaval.

But as they took their offering on the road, the amount of intrigue Veeva began to generate even caught its own CEO off guard. CEO and founder Peter Gassner.

The Rive brothers, who each own 2. Louis, Foster has averaged The Texans lost all three. Foster said about the four-game losing streak. We need to check ourselves.

The Quidsi board convened to discuss the possibility of letting the Amazon deal expire and then resuming negotiations with Wal-Mart. The Quidsi executives stuck with Amazon, largely out of fear.

The deal was announced Nov. Tilbrook and his two accompanying musicians not only offered up several examples of perfect pop that hold up these 35 years later, but Tilbrook also showed that, at 56 and graying, he can still deliver them astonishingly well.

It also was the first son on which Tilbrook displayed what an accomplished guitarist he is. The second set was heavier on solo material, but still very good.

But again, the Squeeze songs were stronger. And all three songs in the encore were from the band. It made you wonder just how big Squeeze could have been had it come along today, in a world where all music sounds alike and mediocre, instead of at a time when so much great music was made that some of it got missed.

Get the details in this recap. This probably has something to do with the barn destruction and going through the door.

Not that it stays kept for long. Audrey is against it. She thinks there has to be some other way, and this is now her decision -- Nathan already got his chance when he shot Agent Howard.

It kind of seems like someone at "Haven" took those way too seriously. Not that only cell phones and text messages are to blame. Instead, the doomed person just starts seeing a strange countdown on every digital screen.

No one else other than Lexie, of course sees this. It seems that an electronics store was robbed, and the owner was forced to hold still while the bad guys got away.

Because the police were so busy solving multiple murders, this guy gets more and more anxious with everyone around him. When he gets mad at people, they get a countdown to death.

Anger brings bad choices: Since this also kills off the woman for whom Nathan dumped Jordan, this is a veritable two-birds-one-stone situation!

But this is a bad, bad idea for Jordan to pursue. The woman is on a mission, and nothing is going to stop her. The recently divorce man is emotionally vulnerable and totally wants to do it with Jordan, deadly-zap Trouble or not.

Wade gets his Trouble. And he likes it! The method by which Wade picks up this little Trouble is violent in itself -- he stabs the Troubled storekeeper in the stomach.

This is followed by the rush, which apparently is a whole lot like heroin. Also like heroin, one hit is never enough. When Jordan refuses to tell him about ending the Troubles, Wade turns his knife in her direction.

A quick cut is followed by another stab to the gut. Important plot points and things marginally happier than death Did you notice the girl from "Sketchy"?

She found a job with no drawing. Jordan told Vince she was leaving town. We all know how well that turned out for Simon Crocker.

If Duke kills Wade, does his own Trouble go away? Thanks to Jordan keeping silent with Vince about Lexie being Audrey, Nathan is -- for the moment -- safe from the Guard.

Thanks to Jordan keeping silent about the kill-Audrey-end-Troubles theory to Wade, Audrey is safe too. Cruz has won back-to-back fights since he revealed to the world on Oct.

With a great burden lifted from his shoulders, Cruz proposed to his boyfriend, Jose Manuel, earlier this year and they will marry next month in New York.

There were times when Cruz feared about what a fan might say from the stands in an attempt to demean him. Sports earlier this month, adding he saw a psychologist in New York to help work through his feelings.

I was worried about the fans. I would cry many, many nights thinking about it. Responding to the situation, the airline sent a rude email - likely meant for a coworker.

Her fellow princesses Ariel and Cinderella were also ravaged, now members of the undead. The glass slipper was no longer the symbol of a happy ending but instead of a bloody end, protruding from just below her collar bone.

Craven has participated in previous zombie events, and this year decided the Disney theme was perfect for her and fellow nurse friends Rachel Porter Cinderella and Janee Greer Ariel.

Craven made the costumes herself and had been working on them about a month. Participants were asked to bring canned goods for the Northwest Louisiana Food Bank.

She and celebrity funeral home judge Andy Shehee had the difficult task of choosing the most creative zombie attire.

The accident happened less than two weeks ago on October 7th. He says he was walking too fast and should ve slowed down and he urges other passengers to be extra careful around train tracks.

He also thinks DART should come up with a way for passengers to completely avoid the tracks. He moved to England with his wife and teenage daughter after decades of living on a South African polo ranch with 38 horses.

Baker talked with Rolling Stone by phone about his new project, the weaknesses of his Sixties peers and why Cream will never play again after their reunion.

How are you doing? I wanted to ask you about Jazz Confusion and how the recent gigs went. Did anything surprise you about playing with them?

It was a roadie friend of mine really, who got it together. Abbas and I have been together for over five years now. Why is Alec your favorite bass player?

Because of the way he plays! Did you have any expectations going into it? I just wanted to play again. How did that decision start?

Are you living in England now? You just phoned me so you know that this is an English phone number. I know, I just wanted to ask.

Well why ask me questions if you know the answer? I thought you might be playing gigs or rehearsing or something. Anyway, why did you want to go back and live in England again?

Do you still have a home in South Africa? When did you sell it? Do you miss it? Has your life changed at all since Beware of Mr.

Did you get a lot of good feedback from the film? I have nothing to do with it. Did you like it? Like some of the people he interviewed.

But at the same time you had people like Eric Clapton and Charlie Watts. Yeah, that was very nice. That was very good.

Are you excited to play I played with who there? Well he came to your show. He came to two or three of the shows.

Max is a great friend of mine. Do you have good memories from playing in New York, specifically at this club? The DJQ was a really great band.

Probably the last actual show I played was at the Iridium. What is it like? I never have done. How is your health nowadays? Oct 13, , They suffered a last night to drop to this season, but there doesn t seem to be a consensus as to what the problem is.

Ask the players, and they ll put into question their own work ethic. Our effort s not. Offense has been an unusual problem for Washington over its last few games and is the only Capitals player that can seem to find the back of the net with any degree of consistency.

Oates is going to look at shaking up the team s lines as they get ready for Monday s game against the Edmonton Oilers. Another round of those decade-long cuts -- dubbed the sequester and approved by Congress and the White House in -- is expected in January.

Now, he said, Senate Democrats are oing the same with their bid to end the sequester and increase spending. We re at status quo right now.

The last 24 hours have not been good. Corker has been part of several groups trying to craft a larger fiscal deal in recent years, including one with the White House, but none have garnered enough bipartisan support.

What we need to do is get this back to the middle of the road, act like adults, he said. You ve got to deal with the underlying problem, which is the spending problem, he said.

A slew of U. Senators of both parties said they believe Congress will find a compromise before Thursday, when the government is expected to start running out of ways to pay its debts.

They, along with Sens. I m worried a deal will come out of the Senate that a majority of Republicans in the House can t support, he said. On Saturday, the Senate considered a proposal by Sen.

Susan Collins, R-Maine, to re-open the closed parts of the government immediately with six months of funding. The debt limit would be extended through Jan.

Collins plan would delay the medical device tax which helps pay for the health care law -- a plan that has in the past won bipartisan support -- and give agencies more flexibility to deal with the automatic spending cuts, which were ordered across the board when enacted.

Reid rejected the proposal, saying it is not going to go anyplace at this stage. The full Senate has not voted on the plan, and some senators of both parties said Sunday they are hopeful it could still be part of a solution in the coming days.

I m still hopeful we sparked a dialogue, Collins said on CNN. The Senate was in session, but not scheduled to vote, Sunday.

The House will return Monday. Pilots have been emailing and printing out the answers to the exams and secretly pasting them into textbooks allowed into the mandatory tests.

The ban was overturned on appeal but the allegations made by prosecutors raise fears of widespread cheating because the watchdog failed to regularly change the exam questions, making it easy for pilots to take "coded" answers into open book exams.

Mr Marsh strongly denied cheating in his exam, but admitted that in July last year he emailed the four pages of coded answers to some of the questions to another person.

The man who was sent the coded answers had passed the exam the year before. The tribunal heard that at least by numerous documents with answers to many of the exam questions were circulating widely among students.

He also found that no one could have received an unfair advantage in the exam, because Mr Marsh did not email the four pages until July last year.

A spokesman for CASA said it was considering its position. Dave hits the track running, letting loose of his smooth, deep wordplay, switching his flow nicely on this one, showing off his a dope aspect to his game.

The officer was shot after responding to a call at around 7: Saturday about an agitated man with either a weapon or a cell phone outside of the shelter.

The man, accused of shooting the officer, was also in stable condition Sunday. His name has not been released.

It is also called the red-bellied swamp snake. It grows to only about 21 inches. Since these creatures live in the water and are secretive in nature, they are rarely seen.

It is most commonly seen at night after a heavy rain in southern Florida. The black swamp snake gives birth to between two and 13 live young that are usually born from August through October.

Young black swamp snakes are only 2- to 3-inches long, but look like miniature adult snakes. Armed police stormed the addresses in Wapping, Paddington and Peckham about 7.

Two of the men were detained in Mansell Street, east London. The fourth man was detained in Peckham Street, southeast London. The police statement says the arrests were part of a pre-planned, intelligence-led operation.

Four men arrested this evening across London during pre-planned Counter Terrorism Operation. Searches are ongoing at six london addresses.

The man, who did not want to give his name, told reporters: Well, I walked by and it seemed to be a couple of guys being arrested. The man said the men looked white and were up against the wall.

And there was quite a lot of police. There was quite a scene as I approached. You get new ideas, new initiatives, new energy.

Jauch, 67, was first elected to the Senate in after serving four years in the Assembly. Cullen and Jauch will leave 48 years of combined experience behind when they walk out the door.

Andy Jorgensen, D-Milton, is considering a bid. Two other longtime senators face serious challengers next year, making their returns uncertain.

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